Benefits of professional hardwood flooring installation

Benefits of professional hardwood flooring installation

Many say the installation is as necessary as the product. That's the case with all floor types, but it's especially so with hardwood flooring.

They handle potential problems quickly and efficiently–and know how to use the right tools.

Consider this: Hardwood will probably be your last flooring installation

One of the great benefits of both solid and engineered hardwood flooring is that these floors will last for decades with proper installation and care.  

Unless structural damage, such as warping, it usually only takes refinishing to bring them back to their original luster.

A correct installation will enhance both the appearance and performance of your floors.

Traditional tongue & groove ensure beautiful floors

This type of installation is the only one used for solid wood floors. Each plank has a protrusion and a groove. 

The pieces form a mat, then nailed to the subfloor. Seams are taut, reducing the possibility of water seepage.  

The formation of the mat assures a smooth surface. It's free of nails and rough edges, enhancing the floor's aesthetics. It also eliminates the possibility of tripping on nails and overhangs.

The installer will make sure the wood flooring is first acclimated. Then, moisture readings are taken throughout the process, beginning with the subfloor–damage can easily travel to the surface floor.

With a professional installation, your wood flooring in Wellington, FL, will be the crown jewel of your home. In short, you'll protect your investment.

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At Floor Specialists, we know the floor sets the tone of the entire room. We also see the value–and hardwood flooring gives you the highest ROI of any flooring. Property values will increase with the installation of wood floors. 

In our Wellington, FL, showroom, you'll see products like Character Collection by Somerset or Organic Hardwood by Hallmark Floors. Visit us, especially if you live or work in Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, or Boca Raton, FL.