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Ceramic and porcelain trends in 2019: textured tile flooring

Get ready to be wowed with a trend like no other: textured tile flooring. When it comes to finding the most unique porcelain and ceramic tile in West Palm Beach, FL, textured tile will ignite your senses, leaving an impression that is sure to last a long while. Aside from the usual durability you often get from this type of surfacing, the versatility of colors, shapes, and size options will truly overwhelm. Take your home makeover to a whole new level with this trendy, one-of-a-kind style!
Pure-white domino
Looking for a tile flooring in Palm Beach that’s fun and playful? These porcelain or ceramic tiles get their astonishing appearance from both convex and concave spaces, producing a pattern that’s complex, and so much more than meets the eye. Shadows create shades of gray among the pure-white tiles, yet retain a pristine, monochromatic style.
Downright dark and moody
Though offering a sense of moody attraction, this dark design is by no means dreary. Rather, it gives a depth of sensation that’s nearly impossible to mimic. Repetition isn’t necessary with this style, as the dark tiles provide its own textural dynamic with the play of light, as it shines upon this broody material. However, in order to pull this look off well, two factors are key: proper installation and high-quality craftsmanship.
Rich desert landscape
Let the rich, stunning colors of desert surroundings inspire your world with its lush textures and vivid terrain. Neither too light or too dark, here’s an option that would work well in pretty much any room in your home, creating a lovely backdrop for showing off relics, souvenirs, décor or artwork.
Marbled appearance
If there’s one feeling that marble provides every time, it’s the sense of luxury. Marble tile flooring begs to be touched, as its delicately veined appearance offers much textured appeal. Natural and genuine, this type of tile style leads the eye towards a sense of vastness, Uninterrupted and continuous, marble gives homeowners an otherworldly sense, with a look like it’s a great, big reflection in the water.
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