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Is wood-look tile flooring an option for me?

Wood-look tile
is a beautiful design alternative for anyone. It combines the beauty of wood with the functionality of porcelain or ceramic.

What is Inkjet?

Modern technology enables manufacturers to create intricate patterns, color variations, textures, and raised grains. It's like a computer printer with several jets spewing dyes simultaneously.  

Previously, tiles were all done by hand. This was a lengthy and not exact process. 

High variation: art for the floor

You'll also learn about high variation wood look tiles at our tile flooring showroom. High variation offers a greater variety of colors as opposed to one shade. It's a unique design that becomes a bold statement piece.

As most of us know, anything created by Mother Nature comes with distinction and contrast. No two items are ever alike. The high variation adds to that realism!

These work well in both rustic and contemporary decor. It's also an excellent tile for high traffic areas like the kitchen; the color variations hide scratches and scuffs well!

You’ll find it all here when you shop for tile floors in Wellington, FL

You'll see porcelain, ceramic, mosaic, and glass tiles in the latest trends. These tiles are suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Some standouts include marble, travertine, terrazzo, and other stone looks. Encaustic tiles have highly decorative, intricate patterns that look inlaid. They are made up of two to six different clay colors which make up the design and body.

Your area's tile flooring experts

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