ceramic tile flooring

Thinking of replacing your ceramic tiles?

If you’re planning a renovation project involving tile flooring, you’ll be faced with various options of ceramic glazed and porcelain tiles. From the least durable to the most resistant, our experts at Floor Specialists in Wellington, Florida will guide you through the myriad of options available that will best suit your needs. Whether replacing wall tiles in your bathroom or tiling an outdoor area, they will provide you with the residential or commercial tile flooring guidance you need.
Should you choose ceramic or porcelain floor tiles?
Ceramic floor coverings have been enjoyed for hundreds of years and come in a multitude of colors, textures, shapes, and patterns. Tiles can mimic natural stones (such as granite, travertine, and marble) and over the last few years, tiles that imitate wood and leather grains have become very popular. For bathrooms, kitchens and other high traffic areas, glazed ceramic and porcelain floor tiles are great choices. Because porcelain tiles have a higher density than ceramic tiles, they will stand up better to wear and tear over the years and can also be used in exterior conditions. Take a few minutes to drop by our Floor Specialists showroom, in Wellington, Florida, and you will see firsthand that we have something that’s right for your home.
Should you consider using a commercial tile?
Ceramic tiles are given a grading between 1 and 5 to represent their density and longevity. A grading of 5 means the tiles will be the strongest and longest wearing.
1)Grade 1: the least dense and are best suited for wall tiling;
2)Grade 2: will perform well in a residential bathroom or area with very light foot traffic;
3)Grade 3: can handle slightly heavier traffic but still most commonly used in residential flooring applications;
4)Grade 4: while great for residential tiling, also used in commercial flooring for light foot traffic areas (in a doctor’s office, for example);
5)Grade 5: this strongest grade tile is well suited for commercial flooring and heavy traffic areas where a very durable floor tile is required for long-lasting beauty and ease of maintenance.
Our knowledgeable staff has been proudly serving Palm Beach, West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach, Florida clients for many years. Their expertise on ceramic tiles is invaluable whether you are in the market for residential or commercial floor tiles. Our pros will get all your flooring questions answered and provide guidance in choosing the right tile covering for your project.