What to know about tile flooring

Your floor is the first thing people see when they walk into one of your rooms because it takes up the most extensive square footage in a room. That means it has to look great, perform well and last a long time. As always, feel free to come in and explore our extensive inventory when looking for tile floors in Wellington, FL.

Good for indoor air quality

It's all-natural. Furthermore, dust and dirt sit right on the surface, with no hiding place, making it easy to wipe them away.

Porcelain and ceramic aren’t the same

Porcelain's composition includes non-porous clay, sand, and glass and is fired at higher temperatures. As a result, it is heavier, denser, and ideal for busy increased foot traffic floors indoors or out.

Tile is affordable

Because you can mix and match colors and designs, you also create different price points. If budget’s an issue, we tell our customers to use a plainer ceramic as the field tile, with highly designed ones as accents.

Feel free to visit us and explore our extensive inventory in our tile flooring showroom because we have everything from the most plain to the highly decorative.

It keeps you cool

This material has excellent temperature transference properties. That means if a room is already chilly room, you'll feel cool as well.

Large format is in

This is related to tile floors making a room look airier and more spacious, mainly because fewer visual breaks exist. The lines are clean, simple, and, mainly when used in a lighter color, airier.

Don't forget glass tiles, either. These sparkly little jewels have a reflective, translucent quality that can visually open any space.

Tile is one flooring product that looks just as good in the living room as the kitchen. If you live in or around Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, or Boca Raton, visit the Floor Specialists showroom in Wellington, FL. You'll be glad you came in and will go out with a free tile flooring quote.