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Tips for maintaining hardwood floors

Luxury flooring does not translate to "high maintenance." Make cleaning your luxury hardwood flooring effortless.

Create a cleaning schedule

Dry mop or sweep daily; the reason for this is that sand and dirt are sharp. Sharp debris can embed between planks, wear polish quickly, and cause scratches.

Vacuuming weekly can catch anything the dust mop or broom misses. Then clean and polish your wood floors three or four times a year.

You might adjust the cleaning/polishing schedule depending on your lifestyle, such as pets or pools. Lastly, refinishing is generally recommended every six years.

Additional Tips

Place area rugs or mats strategically–at entrances and high-traffic areas. Keep pet nails trimmed, and avoid wearing stilettos on these floors.

Especially when moving furniture, use protective pads on the "feet."

Other benefits of wood flooring include the following:

1. Style: Wood flooring has a natural beauty and adds warmth and charm to any space. These floors are also versatile enough to work with any decor.

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2. Cost-effective: They last for decades, meaning no replacement or repair cost.

3. Property value adding: Wood flooring brings in the highest ROI.

The area's top flooring experts

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