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Trendy tile flooring installation designs

When you choose tile flooring, you'll find plenty of outstanding visual options from which to choose. However,  you can also use installation layouts and designs to create another layer of visual excellence, and we’re going to tell you more about that in today’s post, so read along with us now.

Your tile floors can match any décor style

There are extensive visual options available in tile flooring, including products that mimic natural wood and stone, as well as art deco and a wide variety of patterns and designs. In addition, however, installation designs or layouts can help create another visual layer and the look of the product itself.

Offset layouts are one example, also known as running bonds, as tiles are installed slightly offset from one another to create an unordered look that complements many décor styles. Herringbone and chevron installations are as popular in tiling as they are in wood flooring and can create stunning effects when combined with color and pattern choices.

The age-old yet still-popular grid design, or stacked pattern, is still trending, offering a very pointed and primary effect that works well with busier décor components. If you'd like to see these and other installation layouts, be sure to visit us whenever you're in the area.

Find your best tile floors in Wellington, FL

As a dedicated tile flooring showroom, Floor Specialists is a great place to shop for all your flooring needs, small or large. We work to establish the results you need for your home based on your preferences and requirements for any size remodel.

If you are a resident of Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, or Boca Raton, FL, we invite you to visit our showroom in Wellington, FL, at your convenience. We look forward to providing the tile floors in Wellington, FL, that will serve you for years to come.