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Let’s Talk Tile Flooring: What Material Goes Where?

Today, we’re going to go over several different types of tiles options, to give our clients a better understanding of what material goes where. At our Floor Specialists showroom in Wellington, FL, we carry a vast assortment of surfacing alternatives, but many homeowners aren’t quite sure what do use for their particular renovation. Kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, what would suit those areas best? Not to worry. We’ll help you figure out what will work for your upcoming redesign, and what won’t provide you with your dream makeover.
Luxury Vinyl
If you’re considering luxury vinyl tile flooring in Palm Beach, then you’ll likely be able to install it pretty much anywhere in your house. An excellent, high-tech tile flooring, LVT is durable, versatile in terms of designs and colors, water-resistant, and very affordable. Typically, homeowners use this new-age material in living rooms, bedrooms, entryways, and kitchens, as it is blends in beautifully with any surrounding décor. While it is water resistant, you don’t want to install it in rooms that experience a lot of liquid spills, unless you choose a high-grade model that is ideal for such areas.
Believe it or not, glass designs and mosaics aren’t just for royalty! Indeed, glass makes an excellent material for surfacing in all homes, and it’s certainly an eye-catching one! Imagine the vast number of design possibilities and color combinations, and no, you don’t have to restrict glass to your bathroom. Entryways, living rooms, dining rooms, this material is truly unique and versatile. Get creative with glass; you’re sure to love it!
Ceramic & Porcelain
Porcelain & ceramic tile in West Palm Beach, FL, is a top pick for renovations, in part due to its fantastic waterproof qualities. As the best option for bathrooms and kitchens because of its water repellent element, it’s easy to overlook ceramic and porcelain for other areas of the home. While they make great backsplashes in the kitchen, they also offer homeowners with a tile flooring alternative that’s equally perfect, especially considering how messy the kitchen gets at times!