Three red hardwood flooring options and their benefits

Three red hardwood flooring options and their benefits

When shopping for wood flooring in Wellington, FL, you may want something slightly different than the traditional and dominant light and dark shades.

Red hardwood flooring is the ideal compromise. Here are some tips on using them well.

A stunning, powerful design statement

Wood floors are stunning and stand out. Remember the decorating rule of balance, so don't overwhelm the space. Offset the floors with a pale wall, such as white, light blue, or green.

Redwood is also versatile. These floors work well with contemporary or more traditional decor.

Red oak: an industry benchmark

This species is one of the most popular options for wood floors. The colors range from light brown to pink to reddish-brown.
Red oak has a subtle but unique grain pattern and stains well. It's pretty hard but also workable, rating 1290 on the Janka Scale of Hardness.

Brazilian cherry: wow!

There was once a time when you'd see these beautiful floors in every home. Builders also used them frequently in new home construction. Today, they're still considered an attractive choice for floors.

The color is blazing red with dark streaks. Remember, though, you can make them lighter or darker with stains.

Brazilian cherry is an extremely hard, strong, and durable hardwood flooring, rating 2350 on Janka. It also accepts stains well.

Santos Mahogany: a deep, rich color

This brilliant red exotic hardwood is mainly grown in South and Central America. It rates 2200 on Janka, making it extremely strong and durable.

This wood has a smooth, rich graining. It's an opened-pore-grained pattern with a warm, traditional look.

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