I saw gorgeous wood flooring, but it was TILE!

I saw gorgeous wood flooring, but it was TILE!

Could that be? I was sure the floors were wood, what with all the knots, raised grains and even the wire-brushing. It was even cut into planks.

Yes, it can be and wood-look tile is predicted to be one of the hottest trends for the coming new year and to continue for as long as 20 years.

Why wood-look and not wood?

It is completely impervious to water; if you live on the water, and in a storm-prone area, the worry of flooding is always in the back of your mind.

It’s also durable and easy-to-clean. While other hard surfaces are tough, this one was seen in a household that had a couple of kids and three dogs. It’s a good bet that there’s always a lot of clean up for this super-busy single mother.

This flooring is so durable; it can even be used in FL commercial tile applications, such as offices and retail spaces in Boynton Beach.

Finally, it’s more affordable than genuine wood.

Can I get other looks?

Of course! Especially when it’s porcelain, it can look like almost anything, such as marble, quartz, slate, travertine or limestone. This kind of tile flooring is completely in line with the classic, elegance of homes in Palm Beach.

Porcelain is also appropriate for use outside, so you can use it on decks, patios or even by the pool.

Ceramic tiles also work with the floor; highlight your style with mosaic designs, or turn your bath into a high-end spa with glass tiles.

Ceramic tile isn’t just for flooring

West Palm Beach is known as one of the more eclectic regions in FL, and there’s an almost unlimited number of ceramics variety, that can be mixed and matched.

Ceramics are thinner and, when glazed, are completely waterproof. The glazing also gives them the hard top shell, making it almost impossible to crack one. They don’t need to be just on the floor; ceramics make a vibrant, stunning backsplash or accent wall. Wrap them around open shelving, design countertops, create borders or produce art.

Want more inspiration? Feel free to visit the Floor Specialists showroom in Wellington, FL.