Why you should choose luxury vinyl

Choosing a floor covering can be a great deal of work, but we think luxury vinyl is definitely worth a second look. After lots of research, traveling to showroom after showroom, and reading all the blog posts you can imagine, it could be that everything you’ve been looking for can be found in this material. Floor Specialists isn’t just another flooring store. For more than twenty years, we’ve strived to not only provide the best flooring, but to make each and every customer our #1 priority. We have a showroom located in Wellington, FL, and we service the areas of Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, West Palm Beach, and Boynton Beach. We invite you to stop by so that one of our highly trained team members can work with you in find the perfect floor covering for your home.

Luxury vinyl covers many needs

Luxury vinyl flooring is not the same product as sheet vinyl, nor is it a flooring you simply install as a placeholder for something better. No, this flooring is likely one that you’ll fall in love with, and maybe even replace with the same thing, years down the road, when it’s time for new flooring. Let’s look at some of the benefits you’ll get in this one material:

  • Durability - This is a big concern for many homeowners, and you’ll find out that this floor covering goes the extra mile. With a protective wear layer right on top, it protects against scratches, scuffs, pet nails and even sun fading.
  • Stain resistance - The same protective layer that gives you great durability and is also responsible for staving off many stains. Spills, messes and normal everyday wear and tear don’t stand much of a chance with this floor covering.
  • Beauty - The fact that luxury vinyl can mimic so many natural resources, makes it a very popular flooring among homeowners. From the grain of real solid hardwood, to the gritty feel of natural stone, to the grout lines in tile, you’ll think you’re walking on the real thing.
  • Maintenance - Unlike the natural materials it mimics, this floor does not need constant, professional maintenance, or special cleanings. In fact, once you sweep up or vacuum up the debris, you can simply run a damp mop over it to keep it looking just like new for many years.
  • Ease of installation - Another reason many homeowners choose this floor covering is the ease with which it is installed.

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