ceramic tile flooring

4 awesome tile flooring ideas for your bathroom

When you’re looking for ceramic tile in West Palm Beach, FL for a bathroom renovation, the first thing you may need to consider is the size of your space. If the room is relatively small, this is an especially important concern as size can often dictate what materials would be best to use. Must you go with smaller tile flooring, or are large tiles an option? Will color choice also play a key role in the visual appearance of a small room? Truthfully, since the first thing that’s noticed when stepping into a small bathroom is the tile flooring, every decision you make regarding your floors must be well-planned and carefully executed.

Not sure where to start? Start here with the following design effect advice from our Floor Specialists showroom professionals in Wellington, FL!

1. Make a statement with bold graphic tiles

The key to using bold graphic tile flooring in Palm Beach homes is to use the material sparingly. They surely make a bold statement, but to over-load such a small space with too many graphics, tiles would disorient and overwhelm anyone using the room. Thus, try limiting it to the floor only, or add a touch more so it goes partway up the sink wall.

2. Splash some drama with black and white

Again, as with the graphic tiles, a full floor-to-ceiling installation can create a feeling of claustrophobia in smaller areas. However, when contrasting one dramatic look with another – as in brilliant white subway tiles and ebony hexagon tiles – it not only works but adds a serious amount of sophistication and class.

3. Yes, you can put large tiles in a small space

While you may assume large tiles in a small room is a big no-no, the look is indeed possible to pull off. Actually, in the scenario of a small bathroom, you can use large tiles to create a visual effect that tricks the mind into believing the area is larger than it is. The trick is to make sure the large tiles aren't too large for the space. Large hexagon tile flooring, for example, offers a uniform setting for other striking design elements such as black-and-white wallpaper and beadboard wainscoting. 

4. Add height with a ceiling-high mosaic

Now, if you’re wondering if you can add small tiles to a small space, the answer is, yes, you can! The interesting thing about using small tiles on the floor is that it redirects the eye upwards to other room elements as it opens up the room, drawing you visually towards the ceiling. Use this effect to the maximum by installing a ceiling-high mosaic that will awe any of your house guests.