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4 tile flooring cleaning mistakes that can damage grout

Tile floors are no doubt extremely versatile, able to blend in flawlessly into any space. Used for countertops, showers, and floors, they’ve been a very popular installation for a great many decades – centuries, in fact, in many parts of the world. But while homeowners spend lots of time researching how to care for tile flooring, they often forget grout needs special care too. Grout needs a specialized cleaner to ensure it isn’t damaged, thus leaving tiles more susceptible to damage in turn. Let’s go over 4 things you should avoid doing when cleaning your tiles. 

1. Harsh chemicals

Use an approved product to clean your grout instead of harsh chemicals. Over time, these chemicals can damage the grout, leaving it cracked, broken, and weakened. Normally, there's no need to clean tiles with one cleaner, only to use a different one for just the grout. Simply speak to a tile flooring retailer who can make sure you end up with a product that's perfectly safe for both.

2. Colored chemicals

Some chemicals are colored, and by using them, you can permanently discolor the grout. Again, you need to make sure to find grout and tile appropriate cleaners, and not use whatever chemicals you have on hand. Since it's porous, grout will absorb the colored chemical if it is too strong and penetrates the substance. Thus, you’ll get long-term damage due to discoloration. 

3. Coarse scrubbers

There are quite a few people who firmly believe that the courser the scrubber, the better the clean. That is not the case at all! Coarse scrubbers aren't more efficient per se, they're simply firmer and tougher – which is not something you want cleaning your grout. Instead, choose a nylon brush or granite cleaning pad, which are both safe to use on stone.  

4. Acidic cleaners

Oftentimes, people assume the cleaners they have are perfectly safe to use, without actually reading the ingredients. However, it is imperative to always read the container to ensure there are no harmful or corrosive ingredients. Some products are acidic or have a high pH, which will ultimately make grout more fragile, and consequently more porous. Weak grout gets dirty faster, so you’ll be cleaning your tiles a lot more often.

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