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Let’s get a little fancy, shall we? Herringbone patterns in tile flooring

Can tile floors be installed with a herringbone pattern?

Often, when herringbone patterns are brought up, hardwood flooring is what people have in mind. Nevertheless, wood does not have a monopoly on getting a little fancy and decorative, so yes, tile floors (as well as walls and backsplashes) can be installed with a herringbone design. A chevron design, the herringbone's modern cousin, can also be achieved with tile floors, walls, and backsplashes.

Herringbone and chevron?

Both patterns are remarkably similar but have their distinct look. In a herringbone pattern, the tile is typically started at a 45-degree angle from the wall and then placed in a zig-zag way across the floor. Each piece is placed end to side edge at neat 90-degree angles to form this popular pattern. A chevron pattern is similar, except that ends of the tile are cut at a 45-degree angle (forming trapezoids) and are then installed end-to-end to create the desired zig-zag or "V" pattern. Both flooring styles attract the eye and are a great way to catch the viewer's attention.


While herringbone and chevron patterns can be achieved in the same color tile, if you want to create an even more eye-catching design, you might consider mixing into the pattern different shades of the same color. You might even change colors altogether in places. Like any fancy design, the purpose is to create a look and a unique mood to your living space.

Professional installation

One of the most challenging aspects of a herringbone or chevron pattern is ensuring that the zig-zag moves along the wall in a straight pattern. This is one more reason that professional installation is something you will want to seek out. As your tile flooring showroom in southern Florida, we know that our service cannot end by offering you a great product. We have some of the finest installers working with us, and they will ensure that your pattern is installed with the utmost precision.

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