glass tile

The pros of mosaic glass tile flooring in Palm Beach

Although mosaic glass is typically seen on walls, countertops, and as backsplashes, when used as tile flooring, it gives a great sense of luxury and lavishness. Luminous and elegant, glass mosaic invokes images of a swanky, expensive spa. However, as tile flooring, this material can indeed elevate any space to greater heights of style and sophistication. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, glass mosaic glass tile flooring can also add plenty of spice to a room in smaller qualities as accent pieces.
If you’re curious about having this type of installation in your home, keep reading to find out the advantages of this beautiful tile flooring. Don’t forget, you can always stop by our Floor Specialists showroom in Wellington, FL, to see our vast selection.
The advantages of a glass mosaic installation
Sophisticated design. With professional installation, glass mosaic can add a beauty to a room like no other. Keep things simple with a single, solid color, or opt for multicolored or ombre glass. You can also create some incredibly complex designs and pictures with them.
Incandescent appearance. Unless you’re using the darkest of colors in your installation, glass mosaic pieces reflect rather than absorb light, thus creating an appearance of incandescent luminosity.
Ease of maintenance. Glass is resistant to mildew, mold, and stains. Also, they’re not porous, so they’re not susceptible to chemical damage. They’re very simple to clean, and all you need to do it wipe them with warm water and a clean cloth.
An eco-friendly product. Choose reclaimed glass materials for zero impact on Mother Nature. Even if you use new materials, glass takes half the energy to produce when compared to ceramic tile in West Palm Beach, FL.
Durable material. As ASTM standards are stringent, your glass mosaic will be resistant to cracking and durable under pressure. As long as you don’t mistakenly hammer your installation, you’ll enjoy your gorgeous new tile flooring for years to come!