tile flooring installation

Tile flooring: Do this, not that!

You can make your home look like an Italian palazzo, a castle, or create your own unique design.
Tile is strong, almost impossible to break. It’s also completely impervious to water (as long as it’s glazed), and a great heat conductor. If the room’s cool, you’ll also feel cool when you’re bare feet touch the flooring.
. It’s also very easy to clean; sweep and damp mop the floor, and wipe walls with a well-wrung cloth.
But there are some do’s and don’ts that can make your floor look even more super.
●Do incorporate grout as part of your overall design, and it is easy today, what with the large assortment of colors. Have fun and get creative. This is great for areas like West Palm Beach, FL, which is known for some pretty eclectic motifs. Get creative with ceramics, flooring and grout!
●Don't get so hung up on cost that you automatically think you can’t have tile for flooring. The solution is easy: Use a plain, less expensive ceramic on the larger square footage, and add a few highly designed ones as accent pieces. There are commercial developments, restaurants and other facilities, especially in Boynton Beach, so tile is a great solution there as well.
●Do experiment with color. While white, black or cream will always be a classic, this year it’s also about bold, vibrant hues. If an entire room is too much color for your taste, mix it up with some neutral shades.
Don't think of tile as a flooring material. Use it to create accent walls, a sensational backsplash in your kitchen, or even a vanity top for the bathroom. Try mirror tile on the wall in small spaces, like bathrooms. It amplifies light and can make the space look larger.
●Do think about layout. It’s available in so many shapes and sizes. Even those plain white rectangular subway tiles now come in round, square and oblong shapes, so combine them to create a stunning layout.
For more inspiration, come into the Floor Specialists showroom in Wellington, FL.