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Are stone tile floors a good option for a kitchen?

Stone is hard as a rock, making it an excellent choice for the kitchen or any busy room.  Stone has been used as a building material for centuries because of its beautiful appearance, waterproof capabilities, durability, and longevity.  Whether natural stone or stone-look tile floors, feel free to speak to us at Floor Specialists when shopping for tile flooring in Wellington, FL.

Best stones for the kitchen floor

Granite, which is known as the hardest rock, is elegant, luxurious, and stain, and water-resistant.  It is somewhat porous, so it should be sealed.  Slate is almost as hard as granite, with the most common color being gray, but it also comes in brown, purple, green, and blue. It has a striated, layered appearance and resists cracks and breaks. Slate is porous so ask about regular sealing.

Limestone has a granular, earthy texture, making it ideal for rustic or traditional-style kitchens. It takes on an aged, antique patina over time, giving it the look of ancient stone structures. This stone has moderate density and strength and is porous, so it must be sealed regularly. There's a good reason why Italian trattorias favor travertine floors; they look great, perform well, and are long-lasting.  Marble is very durable, but it can be slippery so ask about special finishes. Quartz is one of the most preferred flooring materials; it has a non-slip surface, is durable, nonporous, and cost-effective.

Ceramics that look like stone

It should also be mentioned here that tile can be made to look like anything, including stone, with the most significant difference being that these ceramics are glazed.  Many prefer porcelain, a type of ceramic, because it is a large format tile with fewer seams, giving it, what some say, more of a look of quarried stone.

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