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Bedroom Carpet - Here's How to Choose the Best One!

Typically, when furnishing a bedroom, people aim for a calming environment, opting for decor that provides a comforting space. Although it can seem to be a minor detail, choosing the right carpeting can make your vision of creating a veritable haven a true reality. In the end, it's that soft, plush surfacing that will give you a cozy, luxurious vibe. The problem is, however, there are too many options in-store, making selection quite overwhelming for homeowners. So, if you're considering carpeting for your bedroom, fear not. With a little help from the Floor Specialists, our Wellington, FL showroom pros can de-mystify all your carpeting quandaries.

#1 -Set a Budget
While your mind may be spinning with color and texture choices, the truth is, the first step to choosing the best soft surfacing for your bedroom actually begins with setting a budget. Be sure to measure your room properly, as prices are dependant upon square footage. Armed with room measurements and a set budget, you'll be able to know what highest quality alternatives are available for your bedroom.

#2 - Pick Your Preferred Fiber
When perusing fiber selection, you'll be able to pick between natural or synthetic materials. As a natural fiber, wool is your ideal option since it's cozy and soft, offering an all-around luxurious feel. However, wool surfacing does tend to be at a higher price point. Nylon or polyester fibers, synthetic options, are normally a more budget-friendly alternative. Though, again, it all depends upon your budget.

#3 - Be Aware of Texture
As you'll most likely want the most comfortable surfacing underfoot, it is essential to be aware of fiber texture, or pile. Aesthetically-speaking, the right type of texture can also be an eye-catching feature. For instance, if you're in search of something truly fluffy, plush feel, then a Saxony pile surfacing would suit your renovation. On the other hand, a velvet pile is also soft to the touch, and provides an equally luxurious sensation as well, which would be great for a bedroom redo.

#4 - Select the Perfect Color
Lastly, you can never go wrong with neutrals tones like gray, brown, or tan. Whatever your decor or wall color may be, a neutral will match any space. Should that sound a bit on the boring side and you'd rather a bolder choice, don't hesitate to opt for a richer, more vibrant shade. Worried about choosing the wrong color? Then, consider selecting a shade that blends easily into your room, and spice up the space with patterned rugs.