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Can any tile type be installed on my floors?

Yes and no. If you're talking about designs like mosaics, yes, they can, and mosaics are currently trending for tile floors in bathrooms. However, if you're talking about functional categories or classes, such as strength and water absorption, you'll need to determine if you have the right one for your installation. Check labels carefully and tell the professionals exactly how you plan to use them, as the right or wrong tile will impact your remodeling project.

Wall vs. floor tile

Wall tile will always say "Class 1" on the label, meaning that there should be absolutely no foot traffic. While those made for floors are heavier and meant to withstand weight, wall ceramics are always thinner and sometimes even more slippery. So while floor tiles can be used on walls, wall tiles shouldn't be used on floors.

Other classes include:

These categories were created by the Porcelain & Enamel Institute and are the industry standard. Besides class 1, which is for indoor wall use only, they are:

1. Class 11: Built for quiet, less busy rooms, people usually wear socks, slippers, or soft-soled shoes, such as in bedrooms.

2. Class 111: This is appropriate for rooms with moderately heavy foot traffic, as well as countertops, indoor walls, backsplashes, and tub/shower surround.

3. Class 1V: This is heavy and strong enough to withstand the heavy foot traffic in kitchens, baths, and hallways and can also be used on tub and shower surrounds, as well as patio, deck, and pool floors where it can stand up to any weather condition.

4. Class V: This is used mainly in commercial installations.

Also, check water absorption because this determines how and where it can be used. There are four categories:

1. Impervious, meaning it is completely non-absorbent and can be used both indoors and out.

2. Vitreous is a little more absorbent but can still be used outside, although it might not withstand severe weather.

3. Semi-vitreous means it can only be used inside.

4. Non-vitreous are for indoor wall use only.

Look at the grip. This is labeled as the coefficient of friction of COF, and simply, it means how slippery the tile is. The label should read at least .50 for residential use and .60 for commercial use.

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