Can I install hardwood flooring with a concrete subfloor?

Can I install hardwood flooring with a concrete subfloor?

Yes, but it does take some extra subfloor work. It also depends on whether you're talking about solid or engineered hardwood flooring. Read more about your options below.

About concrete

Concrete is cold and damp and always needs to be level. The installer must sand it to level it out and remove debris.
Moisture readings need to be taken frequently. Often, the installer will place a plywood board, especially if it's solid wood, over the concrete.

Solid hardwood flooring and moisture

Solid hardwood flooring is installed via the traditional tongue and groove/nail down. It is done this way because it can help keep some of the moisture out.

This type of wood floor is susceptible to water damage, creating warping, cupping, and crowning. These wood floors also move to adjust to the weather, expanding and shrinking.

The installer might also recommend stopping installation if it stays too moist.

The concern about plywood boards

The biggest concern is about height issues. This can keep doors from opening and closing properly.

Also, know the installation is the traditional tongue and groove/mail down– it is extensive. Add in the subfloor work, and that will increase your budget.

Engineered wood floors

These hardwood floors look similar to solid, but the construction is different, making them more stable and handling water better.

Engineered wood floors often float. Here, pieces click together, mat, and hover over the subfloor without adhesives. Feel free to come into our showroom to see this wood flooring in Wellington, FL.

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