Tile flooring in Wellington, FL from Floor Specialists

Consider tile flooring if you love a stone look!

Stone is classic, elegant, and adds value to a property. Unfortunately, it's also pricey and requires special care, such as regular sealing.

Now you can have the beauty of marble, slate, limestone, and other stones at the price and easy care of tile flooring! Stone look tiles are all the rage, and that's expected to last well beyond the future.

Natural looks are in

Right now, there's a big push to bring the outdoors in. That demand is driving manufacturers to go above and beyond.

To see our terrific collection of stone look tiles, feel free to come into our tile flooring showroom.

Inkjet technology: like a computer printer

Stone look tiles
have veining and color variations, textures, finishes, and all the "imperfections" of nature.

Inkjet can spout four colors simultaneously to create intricate patterns. In the past, designs were made by hand, a time-consuming and inaccurate process.

Marble: synonymous with luxury

Natural marble is costly and prone to scratches. Because of that, it's often used as an accent, as opposed to large surfaces like the floor.

Marble look floors are trending on bathroom floors.

We’re the best place to go when shopping for tile floors in Wellington, FL. We have a large inventory of stone, wood look, and decorative ceramics.

Porcelain: often the preferred choice

Porcelain is a type of ceramic, but its construction makes it heavier and denser. As a result, it's ideal for heavily trafficked areas, such as the kitchen.

It’s also non-absorbent because of the clay used in its composition. That makes it appropriate for indoor or outdoor use.

The area’s #1 flooring source

At the family-operated Floor Specialists, we believe that it all starts with the perfect floor. Whether you choose tile flooring or another material, it sets the stage for the overall interior; the floor reflects everything.

Visit our showroom in Wellington, FL. Homeowners and businesses will see an extensive collection of stone and looks, mosaics, and decorative ceramic and porcelain tiles. We service Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and Boca Raton, FL.