Does a chevron installation work with tile flooring?

Does a chevron installation work with tile flooring?

Yes! Chevron is a dynamic, graphic print of repetitive inverted V's. They form a zigzag pattern with almost a three-dimensional look. Chevron has captivated us for centuries, becoming the go-to pattern in décor and fashion. Read more about this tile flooring installation below.

Patterns or layouts

You can achieve it in either of two ways with tile flooring. Ceramic and porcelain can be cut into planks of all sizes; an installer can create a unique layout. Or, buy tiles with the chevron pattern!

This pattern is classic; it will be as popular in 20 years as it is now. It works in any decor, from traditional to classic.

The most popular color is white with a contrasting hue. It can, however, be created in any shade, from subtle pastels to bright, vivid shades.

Adding a new dimension to a room

The diagonal lines add visual interest. When you enter our tile flooring showroom, you'll see designs from Daltile, Happy Floors, Marazzi, and more.

Chevron patterns even trick the eye into making a space look larger and airier. It takes attention away from the walls and draws the eye up.

Today, a whole world of design options

Modern technology has enabled tile manufacturers to step up their games with true-to-life simulations, pattern play, textures, various shapes, and large color palettes.

You can also see Greek and Roman-themed tiles, encaustic styles, art deco, and even herringbone patterns, to name only a few. Inspiration comes from all over: nature, architecture, fashion, etc.

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