Does it matter which way hardwood flooring is laid?

Does it matter which way hardwood flooring is laid?

You love your hardwood flooring but are probably wondering if there are any “rules” about layout.

The answer is "not really." Although horizontal wood strips are classic and the industry standard, the current trend is for unique patterns.

Here are just some of the things you can do. 

The herringbone layout: classic, timeless

This layout was seen mainly in castles and palaces. It was a sign of wealth.

In the US, it was a popular parquet pattern in the 1970s. Then it got quiet for a while and came back quickly.

The installer will angle the joints in your wood floors to create the appearance of the bone structure of a fish.

Chevron is often incorrectly mistaken for herringbone. This is an inverted V, with just a different angle.

Diagonal strips: the appearance of an open space

If you have a small room that you want to look bigger, this pattern is for you. Depending on how and where you angle it against the wall, it gives the illusion of depth.

Mixed width: another classic

Mixed-width layouts were once used frequently in the early 1900s to decrease waste. Now they are back, mainly for style!

Your wood flooring in Wellington, FL, will be a grouping of three planks in different widths; they are usually 3-inch, 5-inch, and 7-inch, but other sizes can be used.

The mixed-width plank size creates different effects, such as elongating a room. That's especially great for someone who wants a wide plank but worries that the room is too small and will look cluttered.

Other layouts

Ask your hardwood flooring installer about square baskets (sometimes called "weave"); grids; stagger, etc.

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