Floor Specialists Supplies and Professionally Installs Engineered Hardwood Flooring for Palm Beach, Florida Area Homeowners

Engineered hardwood flooring is made from solid wood, veneers, individual fibers or chips. The manufacturers use various resins and unique manufacturing processes to create wood products that perform better and cost less than solid hardwood flooring that would occupy the same flooring area.

Floor Specialists supplies engineered hardwood from brand name manufacturers at excellent prices. This wood performs better as flooring, since it provides higher load-carrying capabilities than solid hardwood of identical dimensions. Engineered hardwood flooring also has more uniform and predictable structural properties, since the usual wood deficiencies such as knots and cracks are generally completely removed during the fabrication process. The biggest benefit of engineered hardwood is that it can be used below grade and in other locations where moisture is present, while solid hardwood flooring cannot. For example, you can install engineered hardwood flooring directly on top of a concrete slab, which you can’t do with solid hardwood due to moisture. Of course the use of a moisture barrier between the concrete and the engineered hardwood flooring is necessary.

In addition, engineered hardwood flooring products will preserve or extend the use of forest resources by using a higher percentage of fiber, which was usually burned or left to rot. This makes it an eco-friendly ‘green’ material. The use of hardwood from plantations and second-growth forests complements re-planting efforts and reduces pressure to harvest additional forest areas. Engineered hardwood flooring has natural thermal properties, which greatly reduce heat transfer. While many materials transmit heat easily, wood does not, due to its structure. For customers, this means cooler rooms in summer and warmer rooms in winter, along with lower monthly utility bills.

Floor Specialists carries an excellent selection of engineered hardwood materials that are available in so many diverse designs that you can be certain to find one that will complement or enhance your new or existing home décor. Visit our showroom in Royal Palm Beach, FL showroom to see our engineered hardwood options for your flooring today!