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Fun arts and crafts for leftover tile flooring

It's both advisable and common for people buying tile for their remodeling projects, to buy a bit extra to account for broken tiles and other forms of waste. It's a lifesaver in the event that it becomes necessary, but what happens to all the tile that doesn't end up getting used?

Well, a lot of people like to keep a few tiles around to replace any that end up broken, but even then, you often end up with more than you need. So, we got to thinking of some fun ways to use up a few of those old tiles and have some fun doing it. Here are a few fun projects you can do to use up your old tile flooring!

Art for your walls

This is a super-easy project that just requires some paint, tiles, and a nice frame that will fit those tiles. Be sure that you clean your tiles with a bit of alcohol or degreasing dish soap, to make sure your chosen medium will adhere to the tile properly. Then, you can paint the tiles, or draw on them with markers, to create beautiful wall art that's picture perfect and ready to be framed! Who knew that ceramic tile could decorate more than the floors of your West Palm Beach home?

Dry-erase message magnets

Family communication is important. Now it's easier than ever! All you need for this project is a bit of strong glue, some tiles, dry-erase markers, and some magnets powerful enough to hold a tile.

Once you have all of your materials gathered, simply glue small magnets at each corner and in the middle of the back of the tile and pop it on your fridge. Voilà! Reusable Post-Its!

Unique house numbers

You could go to a big-box remodeling store and pick up a set of the same, boring house numbers you see on every house, or you could save some money by making your own out of old tile flooring. All you need is a bit of paint and some imagination!

Get one tile for each number of your address, download a stencil pattern for each of the numbers, and then get to painting! You can add personal touches in the margins around the numbers, and can even find or build a cheap wood or metal bracket to hold them! It's a great way to add a personal touch to the front of your home!

Don't have tiles yet?

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