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Fun Facts About Floor Coverings Throughout History

Most of us only think about flooring when the need arises. The only time it ever seems to cross our minds is when we are getting ready to remodel the house, or we have to figure out how to clean a particularly nasty stain from the carpet. Like most things, however, flooring is a lot more interesting than you might think from simply scratching the surface.

The evolution of flooring began when the first humans decided that living outdoors was kind of a bum deal, and decided to take it inside. A lot has happened with flooring since then, and some of what has occurred is downright fascinating! Here are some strange, surprising facts about flooring through the ages.

That's One Heck of a Lifetime Warranty You've Got There!

We've all seen stories online about archaeologists digging up some extremely ancient tomb, and finding wine, honey, cheese, or some other surprising item that has survived the ages. Well, carpet is no different!

In 1949, an archaeological excavation of the tomb of a Scythian prince uncovered a carpet that has been carbon dated to the year 5,000 B.C.! It is considered the oldest known carpet in the world, and it has held up pretty well for a 7-thousand year old hand-woven rug. Guess they don't make 'em like they used to!

Pluck the Day!

We've all heard the old Latin phrase, "Carpe Diem!", but few of us realize the origins of the saying. Commonly translated as "Seize the day!", a more literal translation would be, "Pluck The Day!".

In ancient Rome, carpet was made through a process of looping and "plucking". "Carpere" means "Pluck" and is the root word from which we get the word "Carpet". Now, get out there and carpet that diem!

Vikings Kept Their Flooring on the Down-Low

The floors of old Viking houses were commonly dug below ground. Their houses were basically large holes in the ground with a wooden roof, and walls to cover it. It is thought they built their houses this way to keep out drafts, and maintain a constant temperature in their homes throughout the seasons.

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