Tile flooring from Floor Specialists in Wellington, FL

Hard choices

Are you considering a tile floor in your home? Maybe you might be asking yourself, “What are my style options for tile?” At Floor Specialists, we think that seeing is better than reading, and so we would love to have you stop by so that you can see and touch the various options in tile for yourself. But for now, let’s talk about some of your options.

Ceramic vs. porcelain

For years, there has been a debate as to which material is better for flooring. Both are made with clay that has been fired in a kiln. Both provide an essentially waterproof floor and both provide a very hard and durable surface for your floor. So far, it looks like a tie, doesn’t it?

The difference between the two is that porcelain is made from a somewhat finer clay than is ceramic and porcelain is subsequently fired at a higher temperature than is ceramic. That means that porcelain is a somewhat harder surface and has an even higher water absorption resistance than does ceramic. It is also somewhat more resistant to heat. Yet, for the average family, very little difference between the two materials will be noticed, apart perhaps, from appearance.

Inkjet technology

When did we start talking about printers? Here’s the thing, technology is always advancing and one of the newer technologies in flooring is that of taking porcelain tile and applying printer ink to them. The result is breathtaking. These inkjet printed floors have all of the characteristics of porcelain, but they have an added depth and vibrancy of color that makes them stand out. In most cases, inkjet technology is being used to create slate and wood-look tiles, but the options are regularly expanding. As a tile flooring retailer, we would love to show you this new technology because it is truly remarkable.

Size and shape

One of the beauties of tile flooring is that many of the products come in different sizes. Those sizes can then be combined to make a very distinct floor pattern. There are also various tiles formed with designs to be used for borders and inlays on your tile floor. These allow you to give your flooring your decorative touch if you so choose.

If you are looking for tile in Wellington, FL, then why not stop by our showroom. At Floor Specialists, our motto is, “It begins with the perfect floor.” And, for more than twenty years, we have been helping the residents of Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and Boca Raton, FL create the perfect tile floor for their homes. Can we help you do the same?