Tile flooring from Floor Specialists in Wellington, FL

How do I find the right tile flooring?

Tile floors can last upwards of 20 years when taken care of properly. A big part of that is using the right tile in the right installation. Don’t become overwhelmed by the almost unlimited assortment of colors, patterns, designs, shapes, and sizes; consider things like durability, porosity, and slipperiness.

What is Moh’s Scale?

This is a rating system, with numbers ranging from one to five that measures a tile’s hardness.  Developed by the Porcelain & Enamel Institute, each level is broken down by category, addressing such things as foot traffic and scratches. It is recommended that C-3 and C-4 be used for residential application and C-V for commercial and heavy residential foot traffic floors.  C-1 should only be used on walls.

Note that the amount of foot traffic depends on other variables, such as whether your family is large or small, or if the living room is the center of family activity or only used for guests. It is important to qualify your lifestyle in detail. For example, there are bathrooms for homes with big families, as well as in some with only one or two people in the house.

Porosity is important

There are some words you should know because they measure both density and absorption rates. Your best bets are vitreous and impervious. An impervious tile, like porcelain, can be used indoors and out and is always waterproof, whether or not it’s glazed. Vitreous ones are highly water-resistant and there's a bit of confusion because they're often referred to as "frost resistant," but they can crack with freeze-thaw conditions. Non-vitreous and semi-vitreous both can only be used indoors on floors in dry rooms, not wet ones like the bath.

Other things to consider are the coefficient of friction (COF), which refers to slip resistance. For residential, you want a .50 number, and for commercial you want a .60. If slipping is a major concern, remember that smaller ones have more grout lines that can also reduce the danger of slipping.

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