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How to make your tile flooring unique

Create a focal point with a uniquely designed tiled floor. It's easy to do with just a little imagination.

Come into our tile flooring showroom to see brands such as Daltile, Marazzi, Anthology, and more.

Use a wood-look tile to create unique layouts

We can thank Inkjet technology for this. Intricate patterns have knots, raised grains, color variations, and textures that are possible.

Planks are cut in any size. They are arranged in herringbone, random width, diagonal, traditional, or basket weave layouts.

Tile flooring is terrific for kitchens or baths, which are too wet for wood. Many prefer, prefer it because of the functionality.

Marble flooring

You can have the best of all worlds with a marble-look tile.

Genuine marble is so pricey it’s often used as an accessory piece. So, you'll have all the beautiful detail and the opulent look. But with a scratch-resistant product.

Alternate square tiles

Use two or more different colors or coordinating patterns. For example, you can create checkerboard patterns, colorful geometrics, or random-colored patterns.

Don’t forget about grout, either

It now comes in an extensive color palette and is also considered a design tool. Use colorful grout to outline and highlight.

Other tile flooring looks

Terrazzo, concrete, encaustic-style looks, as well as decorative tiles. Take your pick!

Be sure to see us when shopping for tile floors in Wellington, FL. Choosing wisely is essential, as they all have different strength and absorption levels. The right or wrong one will impact your remodeling project.

Tile flooring experts in Wellington, FL

Floor Specialists believe that "it starts with the perfect floor." That's because it sets the tone of the entire room.

For over two decades, we've been helping people choose. Visit our tile flooring showroom in Wellington, FL, and we'll do that for you too.

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