Tile flooring in Wellington, FL from Floor Specialists

Is ceramic tile used for floors?

Yes! Ceramic tile is almost always used on floors. When you walk into our tile showroom, it will be easy to get distracted by all the vibrant colors, gorgeous designs and shapes, and sizes, but keep in mind that not all ceramics are the same.

Some tile flooring can be used both indoors and out, while others are for indoor use only with different grades and levels for strength, porosity, and grip. Read the labeling carefully to ensure you have the right one for your installation, and tell the retailer exactly how you plan to use it. When shopping for tile in Wellington, FL, think of Floor Specialists as your one-stop source.

Not just 4 X 4 squares

We always explain to our customers that ceramic is any tile made of clay, even if it also includes sand or glass. That means porcelain is also ceramic, and you probably even have it on your kitchen or bath floor! It is heavier, denser, and, as a result, appropriate for high traffic floors in busy rooms. It’s also water-and-frost proof and often seen on patio and deck floors or poolside.

Porcelain comes in an almost unlimited number of colors and patterns and can be made to look like anything, including wood, stone, fabric, and leather, and can also be used on walls and tub/shower surrounds.

Other ceramic tiles

The 4 X 4 squares are highly designed, thinner, and, when glazed, have a hard outer coating and are waterproof. We often recommend them for backsplashes, accent walls, especially fireplace edges, as well as tub/shower surrounds. These work well for medium traffic floors.

Mosaics are the tiny, durable, and glass-coated pieces, often used as floor and wall accents. Other ceramics include durable terra cottas that work so well in rustic interiors with their beautiful reddish-brown color. Subway tile comes in a wide assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes, are often used on backsplashes but can be on very low traffic floors.

At Floor Specialists, we say that "it begins with the perfect floor." Your floor is a significant expression of personal style, so come into our tile showroom for inspiration and a free quote. We’re located in Wellington, FL, and we service homeowners in and around Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and Boca Raton for all tile floors.