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Is porcelain tile flooring the same as ceramic tile?

While it is considered a type of ceramic, porcelain behaves differently in various installations. For all the information on tile flooring in Wellington, FL. feel free to visit the Floor Specialists showroom.

First, understand what “ceramic” really means

Ceramic isn't just that 4 X 4 highly decorated square tile we see on floors, walls, and backsplashes. Rather, it’s an umbrella term for any material that is made of clay; ceramic tile types include the square, as well as mosaics, subway tiles, terracottas, and porcelain.

How is porcelain different?

Porcelain is made up of a fine, non-porous clay called Kaolin, mixed with sand and glass. It's fired at a higher temperature than most, making it dense, heavier, waterproof, weatherproof, and ultra-strong. It can be installed on floors indoors and outdoors, and in highly trafficked areas.

Design-wise, the trend these days is for tile to get bigger and bigger; porcelain is a large format and comes in a wide assortment of colors and patterns and looks, including wood, stone, fabric and leather, florals, geometrics, herringbones, chevrons and more. Many times, people will prefer this as a stone tile, because they feel that large format/fewer seams give it a more continuous look, such as that of a quarried slab.

Ceramic tiles are highly decorative, thin, tough, and come glazed or unglazed. They come in an almost unlimited assortment of colors, patterns, designs, shapes, and sizes. They are recommended for indoor use only and can be mixed and matched to create unique designs as well as various price points.

Ceramics also include:

  • Subway tiles, which now come in all colors, shapes, and sizes and can be used on floors in very low traffic areas.
  • Terracotta tiles. These add a beautiful rustic look to the decor. They’re durable, but very porous, needing to be sealed to eliminate staining.
  • Mosaics. Tiny highly decorated pieces are very durable and easy to clean. They make great accent pieces and are terrific for inclusion in tile flooring medallions.

All tiles can be used also on walls, tub/shower surrounds, and to create backsplashes and accent walls. Be sure you tell the retailer exactly how you plan to use them, as there are separate grades for floor or wall use.

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