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Is tile flooring waterproof?

When homeowners search for the perfect waterproof flooring, they are often shown a variety of tile flooring types. Ceramic and porcelain are the most common products in this line and work well in many spaces where protection is necessary.

But is tile flooring waterproof? That’s what we’re going to take a look at today. Follow along to find out if it will meet your flooring needs.

How waterproof is tile flooring?

Four categories of tile speak directly to its density and how absorbent they are. The most absorbent is non-vitreous and absorbs about 7% of the tile’s weight. However, this category is not to be used for flooring, as they work better as backsplashes or other vertical uses.

The least absorbent is known as “impervious” and only absorbs between 0.001% and 0.5% of the bodyweight of the piece. You can use these for any application at all, including inside showers.

There aren’t a lot of applications in which you would have to carefully consider the absorption rate of tile flooring, especially in indoor areas. It takes extreme circumstances to create a problem inside your home involving water damage.

Even in outdoor spaces aren’t necessarily a problem if you consider the possibilities right from the start. It’s essential to consider the possibility of freezing, especially if there’s lots of moisture or rain if used out of doors.

In areas where the tile will face lots of moisture, dampness, or spills, such as showers and laundry rooms, one of the most important things to consider is the material beneath it. This helps assure that if the tile itself is breached, your subfloor and foundation are safe.

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