Is waterproof hardwood flooring an option?

Is waterproof hardwood flooring an option?

Hardwood flooring isn't waterproof in the true sense of the word. There is, however, a version that handles water better and is more stable: engineered hardwood.

First, know what waterproof means

When something is waterproof, it means it’s impenetrable. It’s made with waterproof materials and can handle anything from minor spills to significant leaks.

Engineered hardwood flooring
can be installed in higher-than-normal moisture areas where solid isn't recommended–but it shouldn't be installed in ultra-wet spaces like the bath.

Similar appearance, different construction

On the surface, engineered hardwood and solid wood floors look similar. To see our collection, visit our showroom when shopping for wood flooring in Wellington, FL.

You’ll see beautiful engineered wood like Organic 567 Engineered Marigold Oak by Hallmark or Designer Collection Cedar Rail by Lauzon.

The only difference is construction. While solid is one thickness throughout the plank, engineered is layered, with those layers placed crosswise. This makes it more stable.

Benefits of hardwood floors

Whether you choose the solid or engineered version, you'll be assured of the following:

1.Style: Wood floors add warmth and charm to any space. They are classic and always stay in style. Both come with an assortment of stains and textures.

2.Long-lasting lifespan: Both solid and engineered wood floors last for decades and can be refinished when worn, dull, or excessively scratched.

3.Easy maintenance. Dust mop daily, vacuum once a week, and clean/polish a few times a year.

You may also want to employ some regular preventative care, such as placing mats strategically or keeping pet nails trimmed. It's always a good idea to use protective furniture pads.

Hardwood flooring experts in Wellington, FL

At Floor Specialists, we believe in designing from the floor up. So, whether your choice is hardwood flooring, tile, or another surface, the floor sets the stage for the overall room.

Visit our showroom in Wellington, FL
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