West Palm Beach tile flooring

Let’s talk about the beauty of ceramic and tile flooring

Ceramic and tile flooring have been around for centuries, and there’s a very good reason for it. For generations, the manufacturing process has been reinvented over and over again, with the results varying depending upon the country. Yet, over time, there’s one common factor we simply can’t ignore: Durability. Yes, indeed, tile flooring, both ceramic and porcelain, is long-lasting and highly-sought-after, with designs varying from region to region. Truly, there is nothing more breathtaking than a white and azure mosaic, nor more elegant and versatile than patterned styles. So, if you’re in search of a material that can be bold or be subtle, then your search can end now with tile flooring

Let’s explore a couple of phenomenal attributes that ceramic and porcelain have to offer your upcoming renovations.

Ceramic tile in West Palm Beach, FL
Particularly predominant in the West Palm Beach, FL region, ceramic is by far a popular choice with homeowners. With a climate that relatively mild and consistent all year round, and locations near the shore, it’s no wonder homeowners wish to use a material that can easily handle near-constant beach weather. Day in and day out, you won’t have to worry about granules wearing down your planks, as these tiles are known to have endured countless decades of sea and shore traffic around the world.

Porcelain tile flooring in Palm Beach
In essence, porcelain is very similar to ceramic, both in appearance and in craftsmanship. As such, it’s no surprise why they both equally revered, with designs that are similarly unique. Thus, if you’re looking for a particular color or pattern, most likely, you’ll be able to have your pick in either selection. Manufactured in an incredible assortment of shapes and sizes, not to mention gradations and shades, you’ll certainly have your hands full when you try to pick which material suits your home best!

Whether you’re looking for commercial tile in Boynton Beach, FL for a renovation, or are considering a makeover in the future, we can help you at Floor Specialists. Our Wellington, FL showroom carries a vast selection of tile flooring, so come on by and check out the newest design options on the market.