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Read about what’s trending in hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring
is classic and never goes out of style. From time to time, there will be tweaks to add even more visual interest.

These tweaks, too, are timeless, so you'll never have to worry. What's trending today will remain popular for decades.

Engineered wood floors

Engineered wood floors are taking a significant share of the wood flooring industry. It combines the natural beauty of wood with practicality.

Construction is the only difference. Underneath, the wood is combined with a bit of resin, 

This creates layers that are placed in a crosswise position. The result is hardwood flooring that’s more stable and better able to handle water.

Patterns and unique layouts

Herringbone was the original parquet pattern. It's now back again in a big way.

Planks are arranged in herringbone, diagonal, traditional, and basket weave layouts. Chevron and herringbone patterns can also be engraved right on the plank.

Wide planks

These can make a room appear larger. But, again, that's because of the fewer visual interruptions, i.e., seams.

They can, however, make a smaller, narrow room look smaller. So, if your heart is set on a wide plank, ask about random-width wood floors.

These are groups of three planks of different widths. Designers create layouts, often elongating a space.

Light colors

These include white, whitewashed, gray, caramel, and blond floors. They give a room a light, airy, contemporary look.

Depending on the furnishings, light colors can also have a traditional look. Of course, dark shades will always remain popular, but they're now getting even deeper, richer, such as blackest black, like ebony.

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