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Style, elegance, and wood-look tile flooring for stairs

Style, sophistication, and elegance make porcelain wood-look tile the perfect choice for stairs. It's strong and design-wise often has a sleeker, more modern look than traditional hardwood planks.

Why porcelain tile?

When you come into our tile flooring showroom, you'll see an almost unlimited assortment, but not all types are the same; some areas are better for specific installations than others.

Every space has its own set of challenges and priorities. With stairs, its durability, easy-care, and safety—porcelain answers all of these needs and more.

1. Durability: Porcelain is heavier and denser, ideal for busy, heavily-trafficked areas. Stairs are among the highest traffic areas, with people and pets running up and down all day.  

2. Safety: Wood-look tile mimics the texture and grain of genuine wood. This makes for a non-slip surface. Please hire a professional installer to do this job, so it is cut to fit correctly around handrails, railings, etc.

3. Easy cleanability: Dirt can’t hide; it just sits on top, waiting to be wiped off.

Great also for outdoor stairs

Porcelain is completely waterproof tile flooring, whether or not it's glazed. It can also stand up to the most severe weather conditions.

The beauty of wood, the function of tile 

When shopping for tile floors in Wellington, FL, be sure to take a good look at porcelain; it has through-body color, textures and its large format makes it easy to cut it into planks of any size.

Because it's through-body color, chips and scratches will be undetectable. As a result, your floor will never look shabby and worn!

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