wood-look tile

This just in: Wood-look tile flooring, a hot trend

The #1 trend for the past two years, expected to continue into 2020.
Wood-look tile provides both aesthetics and function. It’s beautiful and, since it’s tile, it’s waterproof, durable, and easy to care for. While excess moisture can damage wood, you can use this flooring in steamy and wet kitchens or baths where wood floors aren’t recommended.
Tile flooring is an especially good choice for areas like Palm Beach which are often high-end, but are also in vintage estates where the homes can be a little older and more prone to leaks and floods.
Two types of tile
The differences are subtle, but they can mean a big distinction in how the flooring performs in certain applications.
Porcelain is heavier, because there’s sand mixed in with the clay. It’s completely waterproof and even a little more durable, so it’s a good choice for commercial facilities, such as an office in Boynton Beach. It’s also a good choice for high traffic areas in the home, such as kitchens or entryways.
Ceramic tile is a little thinner. IF it’s glazed, it is waterproof; the experts advise having it re-sealed every two years. While bathrooms can be considered high traffic, it’s also a room where people usually don’t wear shoes, so that flooring is probably still well-suited. Low traffic areas include places like the bedroom or even a home library.
Other benefits include:
Cost effectiveness. When you look at the big picture and think about how long they last, they are very affordable. If you crack a tile, you don’t need to replace the entire flooring, only the broken one. You can also decrease the cost by using a plain one on the largest square footage, while placing a few highly-designed ones to accent your creation.
Grout also comes is a large assortment of colors, so consider that as a design tool, as well.
Easy care. Just sweep several times a week. When it gets dirty, use a damp mop and a manufacturer-approved detergent.
Health. Dirt and dust particles have no place to hide, so when you sweep the floor, you also sweep them out.
Don’t try the installation at home. Cutting them is hard enough (almost impossible, actually) and if you make a mistake, there’s no do-over. For more information visit the Floor Specialists showroom in Wellington, FL.