bathroom tiles

Three Tips for finding the best bathroom tile

When it comes to finding the best look for your bathroom, nothing can compare to impressive, immaculate, high-quality tile. Whether it’s a tile flooring, decorative sink backsplash, or shower wall, tiles are capable of creating whatever look your heart desires, be it contemporary, minimalist, baroque, or antique chic. Thanks to our on-site Wellington, FL showroom professionals at Floor Specialists, you’ll be able to find the ideal tile for your floors, walls or backsplash with the following 3 tips:

Decide upon a color scheme
Redoing an entire bathroom can be an overwhelming feat. Usually, it’s best to start off by deciding on your main fixtures, the vanity and cabinet, before you choose the coordinating colors for the room. Once you’ve selected these two key features, then you’ll be able to decide upon a color scheme that unites the room. If you’d like a bold splash of color, but are worried about inadvertently adding too much, then opt for adding it with accessories like curtains, towels, and knobs, so you can change it up easily if you ever get tired of the choice.

Choose your tile flooring size
It’s essential to consider how tile flooring is ever-evolving design-wise. Over the decades, there’s been a lot of back-and-forth about style. Tile flooring evolved slowly, where the norm was once ‘the smaller, the better,’ eventually making its way to today’s ideals of larger sizes. Currently, 12x24s are the new standard, sizing that really creates an illusion of space. However, if you’re not into larger tiles, and would prefer a more traditional look, you may want to think about subway or basket weave tiles. While basket weave is timeless and simple to incorporate in any sized bathroom, you can get a classic look with a modern twist by integrating 4×16 subway tiles.

Now its time for accent pieces
Now that you’ve decided upon a color scheme, and chosen your tiles, you can select accent pieces to finalize your bathroom. Every type of material is associated with a certain aesthetic style, as such, you’ll want to pick accent pieces that match the look. For instance, if you’d prefer a rustic feel, then perhaps consider white walls and wood materials for the vanity and decoration. A modern style, on the other hand, tends to incorporate thin grout lines, stainless steel, and metal accents. To make the choice easier, bring pictures or sample pieces to the tile flooring showroom, so you can mix-and-match colors and styles.