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Three tips for keeping tile flooring clean

One of the most terrific benefits of tile flooring is its easy cleanability. Dirt and dust sit at the top, so it's easy to see and wipe off. 

It's also hygienic; some, like DalTile, have Microban built right in. Here's how to keep your tile floors shiny, spotless, and beautiful.

Regular mopping is vital; some easy tips

1. Always sweep or vacuum before wet mopping.

2. Avoid sponge mops; they push the dirt around and into the grout lines.

3. Change water frequently.

4. Don’t over-soap. It can build up and make your home’s tile floors in Wellington, FL look foggy.  

5. Dry the floor to prevent water spots.

Washing soda: not to be confused with baking soda

Washing soda, found in the laundry aisle, has no harsh chemicals. It is effective as a cleaning agent to remove grease, stains, and soap scum from ceramics, fabrics, and plastic containers. 

Use ½-cup washing soda to one-gallon water to clean shower walls. Don't hesitate to contact us at our tile flooring showroom if you have questions.

If you want to make your own, place a ½-inch layer of baking soda on a tray and bake for one hour in a 400-degree oven. The baking changes the PH level.

Cleaning grout

Let washing soda or a baking soda paste sit for five to 10 minutes. Then scrub and wipe clean.

Do this regularly. Grease and dirt tend to be absorbed. Anyone who's ever scrubbed grout knows what a "project" can be.

“It begins all begins with the perfect floor”

Tile flooring adds style, sophistication, and countless benefits to a room. The in-house design consultants at Floor Specialists will show you what can be done.

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