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Three ways to add drama to tile floors

Tile flooring looks great in any room, from the living to the bedroom.  There’s an overwhelming assortment of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Just look in any store and you’ll find everything you need to create a glamorous, one-of-a-kind installation.

  • Glass tile.  These sparkly little jewels have a light-reflective quality.  You can get them as mosaics, 2X2 squares that are mounted on mesh backings for easier installation, or you can buy them separately to add as accents.

Mosaics are the ones you often see on Greek and Roman-style floors, and they come in all patterns including hexagons, chevrons and more. 

Glass tile comes from the landfill; it’s recycled glass which is then hand-crafted into both traditional and odd shapes, from squares to diamonds. 

They are durable, stain and mold resistant and do not get slippery when wet.

What’s a field tile?

That's just a name for the tile that’s used in the greater square footage of the room.  Some glass tiles are “field tiles,” while others are borders and still other accents. Ask the retailer to explain the different flooring types of glass to you.

Wood-look porcelain tiles and more

  • Wood.Almost everyone longs for wood, but not everyone can have it.  Genuine timber can be damaged by excess water, so it’s not recommended for bathrooms, “The wettest room in the house.”

Yet, a lot of people want a sauna or cabin-like bath. The answer is wood tiles, which are cut into planks to mimic the real thing. Porcelain is completely waterproof, whether it’s glazed or not, and can also be used outside, on patios or walkways to lend a wonderful rustic look.

  • Stone.Either porcelain or ceramic tiles can simulate this natural material, but some people do prefer the larger size with fewer seams, especially if they're trying to create an all-marble bath.
  • Ceramic tile: Walk into a store and be amazed at all the colors and patterns. Some come glazed or unglazed (but they must be glazed to be waterproof) and not just seen as flooring but often as backsplashes and accent walls.

Be sure you have the right type for floor or wall application.

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