tile flooring

Tile: It’s a big, big world out there!

You might think it’s all the same because it’s all marketed under one word: “ceramics,” but the flooring you have in your bathroom, may not work well in the kitchen.

There really are three kinds: Porcelain, ceramic and glass mosaics, and perhaps a fourth: Natural stone isn’t technically tile (but a close relative), but it’s still often referred to as that kind of floor.

Porcelain is made from a denser, heavier clay so it’s always completely waterproof and super-strong. It’s a good choice for kitchens, laundry rooms and hallways, because it will stand up to heavy foot traffic dropped items and whatever other abuse you plan to dish out.

This tile also good for commercial floors, and in an area like Boynton Beach, FL, that has some pretty upscale developments, this sophisticated and elegant material is in much demand.

Ceramic is thinner and made from finer clay; it’s the stuff you mostly see in bathrooms, because not only is the traffic light, but most people don’t wear shoes there. Ceramic can be completely waterproof, but only when it’s glazed, and it’s usually recommended that you repeat it every two years, to keep the protection strong..

Can I use glass tile as flooring?
Yes, you can, and you can use glass mosaics to create an amazing spa-like atmosphere in your bath. It reflects light, so there’s a sort of luminescent quality, and it is more eco-friendly, requiring less energy to produce than the others.

Glass mosaics have the same mold and mildew resistance as any other tile, and they aren’t very porous, so this is a very easy-to-care-for material.

Wouldn’t you like these little ceramic pieces as a tile for your flooring in your West Palm Beach home? One of the biggest advantages is that these little glass pieces give an opportunity to create unique designs, and this is an eclectic area.

One caveat: They can be pretty slippery when wet, so exercise care.

What about stone tile flooring?
You might want to use this in the Palm on the other side of the waterway, because it’s an area with traditional mansions--and this all-natural rock adds glamour, architectural interest--and can even evoke images of castles and Italian palazzos to a home.

This all-natural rock can be absolutely breathtaking, especially when it’s marble, slate, limestone, granite or travertine. Slate and granite, in particular, are very hard. Stone floors will need to be re-sealed periodically to keep them water and stain resistant.

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