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Tile Talk: Not Just for the Kitchen or Bath!

We usually think of tile flooring as something for bathroom or kitchen, but the truth is it’s great for any part of the house, and a good heat conductor that’ll actually make your feet feel cooler; so perfect for homes in warm climates, such as Florida.
The fact that ceramic tile comes in so many shapes, sizes, colors and designs, means that you can mix and match to create your own unique flooring design. That’s something residents of West Palm Beach, known as an eclectic area with mansions, cottages, condos and apartments, would truly appreciate.
It can even look like natural stone, or be created in a wood-look plank that even has the knots and grains, so that makes tile flooring suitable for any decor in Florida, whether the home is a mansion in Palm Beach, or a cottage in a beach community.
From Floor Specialists, some answers to common questions about tile:
●Can it Be Used in Offices?
Of course! Say you opened a plastic surgery office, or beauty spa in Boynton Beach, FL. While image is important for every business, it’s especially so here, so you could get commercial tile flooring that’s ultra-durable for those high-traffic areas.
●Is it Durable?
Yes, and it’s one of the few materials that are completely waterproof. It’s also scratch-resistant. They are hard, so they’re tough to break, but you can be on the safe side and keep a few original pieces on hand if you have to replace any.
●Ceramic or Porcelain?
They’re both produced from firing clay. The temperature of the kiln determines strength, and both ceramic and porcelain are tough, so it comes down to the look you want.
●Glazed or Unglazed?
This is a big question. Glaze is just color added to the top, and it can be matte or shiny. Besides decorative purposes, the glazing also protects, it’s what keeps water from permeating the material, and it’s what keeps the flooring scratch-resistant. You’ll often see quarry tiles in restaurant kitchens, or those Mexican terra cotta ones on patios, and they’re examples of unglazed.
Feel free to come into the Floor Specialists showroom in Wellington, FL, so we can tell you more.