tile installation

Tile: Ultimate in aesthetics and function

Here’s a thought: We all know tile is one of the best heat conductors. If the room is brisk, this flooring will also cool you down by keeping those feet chilly, a big plus in sunny Florida.

However, it’s also a design tool and doesn’t just need to be used as flooring. Say you live in West Palm Beach, one of the truly eclectic locales that can be as funky as it is traditional. Tile comes in so many patterns and colors, and can even mimic stone or wood, that it can become your own unique style, such as with a colorful floor-to-ceiling backsplash to make it the focal point of your kitchen, or some unusual design on countertops or around shelves.

It’s not only for kitchens or baths, either. Create an accent wall for the dining or living room, or add some style to a stair riser.

Now, just across the waterway is Palm Beach, an area of traditional decor, mansions and grand old houses, so you may want to stick with flooring in that well-known black and white tile diamond design, or create a serene, spa atmosphere in your bath.

By the way, it’s not just for residential use; places like Boynton Beach, FL, are booming in the commercial real estate industry, so tile flooring can add some glamour to high-end office structures, restaurants and cafes, and retail stores.

A few myths that really need debunking
It can be difficult to care for. Not at all! First, it is completely waterproof; second, it’s almost impossible to crack, and when it does, no big deal, because you just replace the cracked one and not the entire floor. Third, just sweep with a soft broom and damp mop.

It’s too expensive. That’s actually one of the biggest myths, and that’s where your creativity comes to light.

Especially today, when you mix and match, it’s easy to create a pattern with a less expensive, and then add a few highly designed accent pieces.. Think also about the grout. It’s so colorful you can design with that, too.

It’s too cold. Being an excellent heat conductor just means it retains temps for a long time.

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