Tile flooring in  Wellington, FL from Floor Specialists

Types of tile flooring: making your floors special

To give your tile flooring a unique flair, add a Listello border tile to accent and add visual interest. Listellos are long strips of ceramic, porcelain, glass, or natural stone, used as trim on floors and walls and available in many sizes. For inspiration, talk to the professionals at Floor Specialists when shopping for tile floors in Wellington, FL.

Porcelain: ultra-durability and limitless style

Porcelain is a large format tile composed of clay, sand, and glass, resulting in a heavier and more dense tile, ideal for heavily trafficked floors in busy rooms like the kitchen. In addition, it's completely waterproof and can be used outside on the deck, patio, and pool floors.

This comes in many colors and patterns and can be made to look like anything, even fabric and leather. It's often the preferred choice for the currently trending wood look tiles; thanks to technology like Inkjet, these tiles have intricate textures, such as raised grains, and come in many color shades, including high variation (a mixture of light and dark.) It's also chosen frequently for stone look tiles.

Some ideas: Give your bathroom a high-end spa atmosphere with marble-look tiles on the floors and glass tiles on the wall. Or create a rustic atmosphere in the kitchen with slate-look and metal tiles. But, of course, you're only limited by your imagination, so we welcome your visit to our tile flooring showroom.

The world of ceramics

We're all familiar with the highly designed 4 X 4 squares that we often see on backsplashes and accent walls, but they can also be used on indoor, moderately busy floors. Mosaics are now trending for bathroom floors. They are tiny (sometimes 1 X 1), durable, resistant to mold and mildew, often glass-coated, highly decorated pieces. Terracotta bricks are ultra-durable and also porous, which can be handled with sealing. So while subway tiles are best for walls and backsplashes, they can be used on indoor, low-foot traffic rooms.

Our design staff will help you find the right tile flooring for your project. For more information, inspiration, and a free quote, come into the Floor Specialists showroom in Wellington, FL, in or near Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Boca Raton, FL.