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Update your kitchen with tile flooring

Kitchens, considered by many to be essential rooms in the house, have an important job, especially when it comes to the floor. It's a busy, active room with floors that take much punishment, with heavy foot traffic, dropped pots and pans, and spills.

It’s also often the center of family activity and often becomes a focal point of the house. So it better be stylish!

Tile flooring
checks all the boxes. It has a lot of visual interest, adds value to a property, and is durable and easy to clean.

How to add visual interest to your kitchen floor

Modern technology has enabled manufacturers to create amazingly realistic replicas of anything with porcelain or ceramic. These include wood, stone, concrete, encaustic styles, art deco, and Moroccan Trellis.

Mix and match them to express your style; one popular look is to alternate wood looks with white tiles. They can be cut in many forms, including planks, rectangles, hexagons, etc.

Feel free to come into our tile flooring showroom. You'll see such exciting designs as "Marble Attache" by Daltile, "Concrete Chic" by American Olean, or "American Estates" (a wood look) by Marazzi.

Porcelain or ceramic tile?

While both can be made or cut to look like anything, porcelain is often preferred because of its durability. However, it's heavier and also has a low absorption rate.

It’s ideal for floors in busy, active rooms like the kitchen.

About Inkjet Technology

In the past, ceramic and porcelain patterns were created by hand. However, it was time-consuming and inaccurate.
Inkjet is like a computer printer. It has four jets that can spew colors simultaneously for your tile floors in Wellington, FL.

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