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What are my pattern options for wood-look tile?

Choosing a tile floor covering means you'll have some of the most extensive design opportunities available, including the options for stunning wood-look materials for any room. In addition to outstanding durability and an extended lifespan, you'll find your décor-matching options to be nearly endless.

Tile floors offer extensive visuals

Wood-look tile
is an innovative flooring option that works well in various settings, with benefits like scratch, stain, fade, and water resistance, to name a few. But even in the confines of “wood look” tiles, you still have a wealth of opportunity for different styles.

Creating patterns with wood-look materials can be as easy as choosing comprehensive format options, staggering boards for a specific appearance, or choosing tiles with a design integrated into the appearance. These can include intricate patterns or the appearance of herringbone or Chevron installations, all of which work well with various décor options.

In some areas, homeowners might choose to combine various patterns in the same room, especially if the room is large and needs something to break up the vast space. If you'd like to see all your available options, be sure to visit us to see them for yourself.

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