Tile Flooring in Wellington, FL from the Floor Specialists

What does through body color mean in tile?

Through-body color refers to the shade and texture being baked all the way through the tile. Chips and cracks aren’t noticeable because none of those unsightly white spots can create a dull surface.

Sometimes tile labels are written to be easily understood by the trade. Still, our business philosophy is that everyone needs to understand them to ask the right questions to choose the best for their installation. We’ll help you sort it all out, so feel free to visit our showroom when you are in the market for tile flooring in Wellington, FL.

Understanding labels = peace of mind

The right or wrong ceramic can impact tile floors. A room can have different challenges than another area, and you might even have lifestyles that make certain features more important than others. When you understand labels, you’ll know what and why something is essential to your needs. For example, if your installation will be in a busy room like the kitchen, consider a sturdy through-color porcelain floor.

Other terms you should know

The coefficient of friction (COF) refers to "grip". That can be an issue, especially if you have young children or senior residents in your house. Look on the box for a COF of at least .50 for residential, .6o for commercial.

Impervious means it is completely non-absorbent. Appropriate indoors and out, this can stand up to any weather. Vitreous ones can be used outside, but only if there are no freeze-thaw conditions that could cause cracking. Semi-vitreous are to be used indoors only, while non-vitreous is suitable only for walls.

Classifications of C-1, C-2, and C-3 refer to strength and where the tiles can be used. You will want C-1 or C-2 for floors; C-3 refers to walls only.

PEI was developed by the Porcelain and Enamel Institute and is a zero to five system that refers to hardness for glazed tiles. For residential floors, you want a PEI of two, three, or four. Anything above is for commercial use; anything below is for walls or light foot traffic.

Now that we’ve explained this, we’ll show you how tile can make your flooring exciting. The Floor Specialists showroom is in Wellington, FL. Come in for inspiration, a free quote, and book a high-quality tile installation, especially if you live in Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and Boca Raton.