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Which hardwood flooring is best for a bedroom?

When adding allure to a space, there's nothing like a wood floor. These surfaces are a top choice for the bedroom.
But what's best for this room? You certainly have many options, and you're wondering which may be best for you.

Read on to learn more about hardwood flooring in the bedroom.

First, decide what version you want

Whether you choose solid or engineered wood flooring is a matter of personal preference. However, both have that same natural beauty with gorgeous undertones, knots, raised grains, etc.

The only difference is the construction, underneath where you can't see it. Engineered is more stable and better able to handle water. It's ideal for those who want both beauty and practicality.

Oak: the king of species

There are two versions of oak: white and red. It's called "white oak," but it's more of a brown hue.

Check out Atlantic by Chesapeake when considering wood flooring in Wellington, FL.

White oak has a closed grain and a unique pattern that ranges from dramatic to subtle. It's also ultra-hard.

Red oak has an open grain with a subtle pattern. It's slightly less hard than white oak.

Other popular species are maple, hickory, ash, walnut, etc.

Many reasons to have wood floors in the bedroom

The most obvious reason is the style. Hardwood flooring is elegant with a long-lasting natural beauty that adds warmth and charm to any space.

They’re also a little more flexible underfoot than some other hard surfaces.

With a large assortment of stains, you can customize solid wood floors to be as light or dark as you want.

They're versatile enough to work with any decor and are durable and hard-wearing. They are also consistently rated as one of the best floors for those with allergies and asthma.

Hardwood flooring expertise in the area

At Floor Specialists, we're also hardwood flooring specialists. We'll help you choose the right floor for the bedroom, living room, or other space.

Visit our showroom in Wellington, FL. You'll see a large inventory of solid and engineered hardwood from manufacturers like DuChateau, Lauzon, Mohawk, and more. We service Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and Boca Raton, FL.