Will natural stone tile flooring work in my kitchen?

Will natural stone tile flooring work in my kitchen?

Natural stone tile flooring is durable and elegant, adds value to a property, and is easy to keep clean, eco-friendly, and non-polluting.

It also makes that connection between the indoors and outdoors, one of the hottest trends today.

Granite: known as the “hardest rock”

Granite comes in a wide assortment of colors and patterns. It’s also “sparkly” because of its mineral content.

Highly durable, it's also heat-and-bacteria resistant. This makes it especially horrific for kitchen floors–no worries about dropped pots and pans.

Easy to care for: Seal every two to four years. Clean with a neutral PH cleaner.

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Limestone: made of calcium, a distinctive pitted texture

Limestone comes in pale, neutral colors. It also repels viruses, molds, and bacteria and is highly durable. Limestone requires sealing every couple of years.

Travertine tile: a type of limestone

Travertine's distinctive natural beauty is excellent if you want something subtle. It has a neutral earthy color palette, including tan, beige, brown, and rust shades.

It is durable, easy to care for, heavy and porous. It requires regular sealing.

Check out Lymra Limestone by MSI Stone or Noce by Tesoro when shopping for tile floors in Wellington, FL.

Marble: the result of pressure applied to limestone

Marble has a luminescent quality that gathers and reflects light. Marble also comes in various colors, from the pure white of Carrara marble to velvety black.

Marble is prized for its distinctive veining patterns and clouds.

Stone tile flooring expertise in the area

At Floor Specialists, we understand that flooring is a significant investment in your home. You want something beautiful that will last a long time–natural stone tile flooring!

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