Design consultation


Design consultation


Our free in-home design consultation professionals can answer questions that simplify planning for any size residential remodeling project.

Floor Specialists offers free in-home design consultation for homeowners that have important questions that require correct and direct answers. We provide this service because we understand that unless you've lived through the complete remodeling process previously, you need to be informed about what takes place during the longevity of the project. In addition, flooring manufacturers are continually bringing new products to market that customers need to understand.

When you are involved in the planning of a new flooring or home remodeling project, you are required to make many decisions – quickly. Some of these will be about aesthetics, such as which color best complements the new flooring in your bedroom, living room or other household areas. Still, other decisions will likely be more about product qualities, such as which flooring products will prove tough enough to survive the wear and tear from high foot traffic. Most decisions are generally budget-related since the cost of products and services is usually an important factor.

Our flooring design consultations meet customer expectations

We surely realize that many of your decisions may be hard to make and that most customers will gain important knowledge from our professional design consultation. This free service is where our talented interior design consultants can simplify your decision-making process. They will inform you about available flooring products that are the most suitable for your home and help you decide which colors will look best in your rooms. They will also detail those options and services that are the most compatible with your family's preferred lifestyle.

Our design consultations allow us to talk with you in your home – where you are comfortable. This allows us to learn what is important to you and your family. We'll find out what your family's needs and wants are – if there is a certain color you can't stand or a specific flooring type you have to have somewhere in your home. We are always ready to work with homeowners in Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth and other nearby Florida areas.

For additional information, phone us, e-mail us, or stop by at our Royal Palm Beach showroom at your convenience to discuss or arrange for your free design consultation with one of our specialists.



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